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Products in this section are for removal of Iron (Fe) contamination, annealling marks, general cleaning & degreasing. They are used where pickling pastes are not required and contain blends of less hazardous acids.

Please contact our technical staff who can advise on the most appropriate product for your particular application.

80  (96 inc. VAT)
Deox & Fit - Rust removal kit (click for video)
100  (120 inc. VAT)
75E Stainless Steel Rust Remover & cleaner
[1.38738775ERustRemover.DOC view file]

110  (132 inc. VAT)
95E (HF Free) Rust remover & Passivator
[1.4020595ECleanerHFFree.DOC view file]

120  (144 inc. VAT)
76E Mild Pickling cleaner & Passivator
[1.420056Antox76EPicklingCleaner.doc view file]

60  (72 inc. VAT)
EWP 51 Citric cleaner & Passivator
[1.205075EWP51.DOC view file]

80  (96 inc. VAT)
Antox 2001T Stainless steel pickle & polishing paste
[1.385784Antox2001Tflyer.DOC view file]

108  (129.60 inc. VAT)
EWP 800SS Stainless Steel surface care (Case discount)
120  (144 inc. VAT)
EWP Stainless Steel Safe Solvent cleaner 500ml
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