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Various products for removal of weld burn from Stainless steel

Pickling pastes are only used after welding for the removal of weld burn on Stainless Steel.

For degreasing, cleaning and where instances of Iron (Fe) contamination has occurred we have a range of chemicals in the Stainless Steel cleaning section more suitable than the harsh acids used in pickling.

The passive protective layer on Stainless Steel is resistant to most chemicals and therefore requires very strong acid mixtures to penetrate the surface and remove the weldburn.

If procedures are followed carefully it is a simple operation. Attached to each product is a basic method statement.

Weld cleaning machines are available in a separate category which are more environmentally friendly.

Antox Pickling products
[1.557492ANTOXtable.DOC view file]

80  (96 inc. VAT)
Pick & Clean - Pickling tape kit (click for video)
50  (60 inc. VAT)
Antox 71E Plus Pickling paste
[1.903454ANTOX71EPlus.DOC view file]

270  (324 inc. VAT)
Antox 71E Plus Pickling paste - case offer
[1.349179ANTOX71EPlus.DOC view file]

240  (288 inc. VAT)
Antox 71E Plus Pickling paste large
[1.165936ANTOX71EPlus.DOC view file]

45  (54 inc. VAT)
Antox NP Neutralising paste
[1.069271ANTOXNP.DOC view file]

50  (60 inc. VAT)
Antox 3D Pickling paste
[1.077221ANTOX3D.DOC view file]

240  (288 inc. VAT)
Antox 73E SG Spray pickle
150  (180 inc. VAT)
Acid resistant Hand-operated spray pump
70  (84 inc. VAT)
90E Passivating solution
[1.9211790EPassivator.DOC view file]

200  (240 inc. VAT)
Antox 80E Bath Pickle (click for video)
[1.912075ANTOX80E.doc view file]

24  (28.80 inc. VAT)
Small brushes -175mm (7")
12  (14.40 inc. VAT)
Re-useable acid resistant brushes - 450mm
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