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A range of specialised chemicals for all aluminium products.

We have developed a range of products designed to clean, degrease and remove contamination from the surface of aluminium components.

Care should be taken when selecting the correct chemical as each products reacts in a different manner depending on the alloy type, level of contamination & surface finish required.

Please contact us for guidance in choosing the correct product for your particular application.
50  (60 inc. VAT)
Aluminium acid cleaner & etch 101 Hand sprayer
[1.057644APPSHEETALUM101.doc view file]

120  (144 inc. VAT)
Aluminium acid cleaner & etch 101 refill
[1.594494APPSHEETALUM101.doc view file]

70  (84 inc. VAT)
Alibright Aluminium Cleaner
70  (84 inc. VAT)
Mainclean Low Alkaline Aluminium cleaner & degreaser
120  (144 inc. VAT)
EWP Aluminium Solvent cleaner 500ml
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