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Let us solve your metal cleaning problems!

Aluminium, Copper, Nickel, Steel & Stainless Steel cleaning & maintence chemicals.

Whatever your problem our technical staff will be happy to advise. Even if it is not listed here we can work with you to develop the best product for your application.

60  (72 inc. VAT)
EWP 51 Citric cleaner & Passivator
[1.104809EWP51.DOC view file]

70  (84 inc. VAT)
Mainclean Low Alkaline metal cleaner & neutraliser
[1.044369Mainclean.DOC view file]

70  (84 inc. VAT)
Mainclean Alkaline Cleaner
70  (84 inc. VAT)
Alibright General Metal Cleaner
120  (144 inc. VAT)
EWP Solvent based Metal cleaner & degreaser 500ml
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