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Cleaning without chemicals or water!

Innovative cleaning system for fast removal of surface contamination on industrial production equipment.

The process uses CO2 pellets to freeze and dislodge material from the surface without damage to the substrate beneath.

The CO2 turns to gas at room temperature leaving no residue. No other chemicals or water are used in the process.

Contact us now to discuss your requirements with our technical staff - we are still finding new applications for this process!

Machines are available for hire with or without operators. We can provide a complete training package to meet your needs!

Icetech - Dry Ice Blasting (click for video)
[1.989712ICETECHLeafletPage2.JPG view file]

Dry Ice Cleaning - Electrical Industry
[1.455029EWLElectricalIndustry.jpg view file]

Dry Ice Cleaning - Food industry (click for video)
[1.962643EWLFoodIndustry.jpg view file]

Dry Ice Cleaning - Printing Industry (click for video)
[1.933285EWLPrinting.jpg view file]

Dry Ice Cleaning - Ventilation & Air Conditioning Industry
[1.471325EWLEquipmentMaintenance.jpg view file]

Dry Ice Roof Cleaning (click for video)
Dry Ice Cleaning - Anti-Foul Removal
[1.642117AntiFoulRemoval.doc view file]

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