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Icetech - Dry Ice Blasting & Cleaning

posted on 16 June 2023 | posted in Dry Ice Blasting

Icetech - Dry Ice Blasting & Cleaning Dry ice blasting is a revolutionary cleaning method that uses dry ice pellets (CO2 in solid form) as the blasting media.

The process is very environmentally friendly and provides a fast and effective alternative to traditional methods of cleaning industrial production equipment.

Dry ice blasting works on 3 levels -

Kinetic - when dry ice pellets are accelerated in a jet of compressed air and strike a surface at the speed of sound, they crack and loosen the coating on the surface being treated.

Thermal - the low temperature of dry ice pellets (- 79C/110F) makes the coating brittle, cracks it and loosens it. This allows dry ice to permeate the coating.

Sublimation - dry ice penetrates the coating and immediately sublimes (passes direct from solid to vapour state). This results in a 700-fold increase in volume, an explosive effect that lifts the coating off the surface.

More information can be found at -"


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